News and Updates About Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go, originally launched in 2016 is an ever changing and developing game the has swept the world and brought a unique AR experience to millions of fans of the Pokemon franchise!

That being said with constant updates from developer Niantic and lack of how to information and guides for playing the game it is sometimes a bit hard to keep up with all the constant news and changes in the Game.

This is where Pokemon PG comes into play. We are dedicated to bringing you constant News Updates / Tips / Tricks and Game Guides to help keep you up to date and informed on the game we all love to play! Make sure to follow us on social media for all types of fun content to help you keep posted on latest changes

Latest News

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Community day guides

Want the inside scoop on all upcoming Community Days?

You have come to the right place! Visit this page for Game guides for tips and tricks for each Community Day Event.

Tier 5 Raid Boss Guides

Tier 5 raid boss's can be a little tricky!

Visit this page for guides on all Tier 5 raid boss's to make sure you come to the fight with the right team and get as many "Damage Balls" as possible!

Special Research Tasks

Special Research Tasks are a really fun part of Pokemon GO!

That being said saving the right Pokemon for upcoming tasks can be a big help. Visit this page for Guides for all the special research tasks in Pokemon Go.